Learn About Nature

My backyard is a haven for me , my family and all kinds of wildlife.  is designed to help you enjoy family fun in  the  outdoors in YOUR  backyard, and to learn  about nature . You can have fun in the outdoors  all year round. is constantly under revision, just like any real garden.  We've only just begun.

                   A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOB FOREVER!


Summer Breezes & Your Ecosystem

Here you will track down  information and links to help you to be a good steward of your own  little ecosystem.

Spring into the Garden

Here you will uncover  information to help you to learn about your garden and what is in it: plants, animals, birds and bugs, including bees and butterflies.

In the Deep Mid-Winter

How and why to spend cold snowy days doing fun projects to make your garden even more fun next spring and summer.

Falling for Nature

Here you will discover secrets of your garden for each season, and dive down the rabbit hole to fun games and activities for all the family.